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7 Awesome Tips for Bike Riding On a Budget

7 Awesome Tips for Bike Riding On a Budget

Imagine cycling in a foreign country with friends, sightseeing and just having a good time. the thought of the whole adventure alone is enough to make one’s feet tingle with excitement. Unfortunately, there are always setbacks that often come along with such plans. The most notorious one has of course, everything to do with money. That explains why planning to ride on a budget before setting off for a long ride makes a lot of sense. So just where should one begin? Are there tips that can come in handy? Certainly yes! You only have to keep the following 7 tips in mind.

1. Choose your bike wisely
It all begins with the bike. You can opt to go for a mountain bike under 300 dollars or a more advanced mountain bike under 1000 dollars. You will however not need an economist to tell you that in the end, cheap turns out to be expensive. Your best bet is to go for a good bike. A cheaper one will serve you well but only for a couple of miles. Before long, you will have to replace parts or in the worst case, get a new bike. The smartest thing to do is to get the best bike you can. It may be costly but you can be sure it will start off the adventure with you and finish it while still in good condition. Think of it as a faithful servant.

Choose your bike wisely

2. Make use of adventure applications
It goes without saying that food and lodging stand out as the biggest expenses for anyone on the move. It gets worse with the fact that you may have no clue at all as to where cheap food and accommodation can be found while in a foreign country or city. With a reliable mobile application though, you will get notifications of affordable eateries and accommodation facilities near you. The best thing with these applications is the fact that you get a chance to see


how other uses have reviewed facilities before. It therefore becomes easy to avoid places that have garnered average reviews.

3. Avoid campsites
This sounds strange but it makes a lot of sense. Campsites will always charge you a fee to pitch your tent on their soil. You may also find it hard to find a good campsite if you choose to cycle during campsites ‘high seasons’. Your best bet here is to consider pitching your tend in parks that allow campers and yes, churches. All you need to do is ask.
Then note that even with this option, there is always a caveat. First off, identify the parks you would like to pitch your tends on before you set off. Then find out other vital factors like security and amenities.

4. Join a club
There are several bikers clubs so finding one you can enjoy should be easy. Be sure to find the most popular club and be an active member. Most clubs organize for biking events early and ask their members to contribute via installments. By the time members decide to set off, everything is catered for. What’s more you won’t even feel the pinch of the expenses as opposed to paying for a cycling event in one lump sum fee. It gets better too with the fact that most eateries and accommodation facilities offer discounts to groups, so yes cycling as a group can help you save lots of cash.

5. Watch what you eat
The last thing you would want to experience is you cycle is a bout of food poisoning episodes. It will ruin your adventure. It will also force you to spend more than you had planned. To avoid this, have in place a health insurance plan you can trust. Then by all means, watch what you eat and where you eat it.

Make use of adventure applications6. Be approachable
This does not sound like a money saving tip but it is. Be friendly and approachable as you travel. Make friends as much as you can. Keep their contacts where possible. It will be much easier for you to bargain for goods and services if you are approachable. It will also be easier to get help if you are approachable. So cycle with a smile, say hi to people and be nice.



7. Take advantage of discounts
Buy the best brand of everything from your biking gear all the way to your travel bags and tents. That way, you may enjoy discounts on most of the purchases and save something for your biking trip.

7 Awesome Tips for Bike Riding On a Budget

Bike Riding On a Budget can be fun but only if you make adequate plans on time. There are certainly other tips you can take into account other the aforementioned ones. It is also important to set aside money for emergencies. This is extremely important if you plan to cycle across towns and cities that have histories of insecurity. Be sure to also avoid getting in conflict with the law wherever you are.



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