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Atlantis Bahamas – Unforgettable Family Vacation!

I have to say that Atlantis in the Bahamas ranked us as one of the best family vacations we have ever taken. The grounds are gorgeous, lush walkways through the resort, the larger than life aquariums, great restaurants, beautiful beaches and clear water where sweet angel fish nip at your toes. The water park is incredible, the slides are awesome and we spent many hours everyday on the lazy river – it was a huge hit! We stayed at the Reef Hotel on the Atlantis property which was fantastic – it has its own private pool which during the high season is great as you don’t have to fight for beach chairs with the cruise visitors that come to visit Atlantis on day trips.

Atlantis Bahamas Waterpark Slide

Waterpark Slide

Atlantis Bahamas Waterpark Pools

Waterpark Pools

The Reef also has kitchenettes, we loved having our own breakfast and lunch on our balcony and also saved some money so we could splurge on other things like the absolutely must do Atlantis Dolphin Cay. An unforgettable experience and worth every penny to get up close and even hug a dolphin. Our dolphin ‘Elija’ is still a household name and will never be forgotten.

I hope you will check out my very first You Tube video called ‘Atlantis Family Adventure’ which shows images and video from the resort and from our dolphin experience. I learned a couple of lessons on my first video like don’t shoot vertically…I will get that right the next time!

I did a lot of research when booking the trip and to be honest booking right off the Atlantis site was the most cost efficient – they always have great offers and booking the flight and rooms together with them offered additional savings. Just go to their site to check out any offers – there is usually a current offer.

Atlantis Bahamas Dolphin Cay

Family time at Dolphin Cay

Family time is so precious and Atlantis was the perfect destination to enjoy a family holiday as there was something for everyone and an experience that just can’t be replicated. Oh how I want to do it all over again right now! My son even said to me ‘Mom it makes me sad looking at these pictures as it just makes me want to be there right now I loved it so much.”

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