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Bandera Texas - Harley Davidson Road Trip

Bandera Texas – Harley Davidson Road Trip

Bandera Harley Road Trip

Heading for Bandera Texas

Bandera – “The Cowboy Capital of the World”

Bandera Texas calls itself the “Cowboy Capital of the World”.  And after our little Harley Davidson road trip last May, I can honestly say, they’re not kidding.  This was one of the best and most memorable trips I have ever had the pleasure to take.

So it was the weekend of my birthday.  A beautiful sunny weekend in Texas.  Four of us headed out on the Harley’s – destination:  Bandera, Texas.

Besides it being a trip to celebrate both mine and Greg’s birthday, we really wanted to ride “The Three Sisters” or “The Hundred Mile Loop” in Texas Hill Country.  These are without a doubt the best and most beautiful motorcycle roads to be found in Texas.

But first… we had to get there.

Luckenbach, Texas

We started out on Friday, and rode to our accommodations in Bandera, making lots of stops along the way.  One of the cutest little places I have ever been to is Luckenbach, Texas.  What a great place to stop, stretch your legs and enjoy all this little “outdoor” town has to offer.

From the old school post office that is converted into a gift shop, to the outdoor stage and beer saloon, I really felt like I was entering the wild wild west.  My hubby Rick told me that Willie Nelson used to come and play on that stage.  If you haven’t heard it – there is a song about Luckenbach, Texas sung by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings:

♫ Luckenbach Texas on Youtube

After heading out from Luckenbach we made our way to Bandera to check in at our little home away from home for the weekend.

The Carriage House Inn – Bandera Texas

When booking our accommodations we wanted to make sure that we were within walking distance of downtown Bandera and the famous 11th Street Cowboy Bar.  I found this quaint little place online and booked two suites for us.

The Inn is actually an old style farmhouse that has been separated into four suites.  We had a bedroom, a livingroom and kitchen, a bathroom and easy access to the backyard where we could have grilled dinner had we been so inclined to do.  We could actually sit in the backyard and hear the music from the 11th Street Cowboy Bar.  It was not obtrusive at all, but rather enjoyable.  The best part is, we could walk over, enjoy a few drinks and the live bands, and then just walk back and not worry about cabs.

The place was a reasonable price.  It was decorated old style with antique furniture, so if your expecting the ritz, don’t.  But if you want a quaint little country place within walking distance to the night life, I highly recommend.  We would go back there again for sure.

The Carriage House Inn Medina Suite

 Friday Night at The 11th Street Cowboy Bar

I can sum this up in four words.  We had a blast!!  The music was amazing, the service was excellent. The biggest little bar in Texas.  Again, I felt like I was back in the old west and we had such an amazing time that we went back there on Saturday night too!  We got to hear Rick Trevino play live.  Drink a little, dance a little, fantastic!

It may not look like much on the outside, but inside, it’s way larger than what you expect.  Some of the bar is outdoors too, which is cool.   Here is the link to their site.

Three Sisters Motorcycle Riding in Texas Hill Country

Okay so now back to the main thing we wanted to do on the trip…lol, it is just, there were so many cool things that we experienced, I wanted to share them all.

Saturday morning we got up early, after a really good sleep in a very comfortable bed.  We headed down to the OST Restaurant for breakfast.  Great food there, I really enjoyed the start to the day.  For me, I need to have coffee and theirs was really good.

Then we hopped on the bikes and headed out for the day.  These are the roads that everybody wants to ride when they come to Texas.  I can understand why.  With curves and hills and such breathtaking views of the hill country, I was mesmerized by it.  I remember thinking to myself… this is the day I fell in love with Texas.

One of the places we stopped at along the way was the Lonestar Motorcycle Museum.  If you love bikes, this is a must see if you plan to ride this trip.  It is located in Vanderpool, just outside of Leakey.

After two glorious days and nights we headed back home on Sunday.  We rode close to 600 miles in total I think.  This trip back to the wild west was incredible.    The only thing I was missing was a horse.  (But I did have my cowboy on a Harley – even better).

PS:  Did I mention how sore my butt was by the time this weekend was over?

I hope you enjoyed this little travel tale of mine.


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