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the best travel tips from our readers

Best Travel Tips From Our Readers

Over the last few years we have compiled a list of the best travel tips submitted by our readers.   We have separated them into the following categories:  Enjoy!

Do you have a travel tip you’d like to share?  Please comment below or contact us.

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  • I have always been an Aeroplan member and found it next to impossible to book a flight – things have changed so go back and check it out as it is way easier now redeeming aeroplan points with Air Canada and other affiliate airlines like United Airlines.
    Susan, Halifax, Canada 
  • Just returned from Russia.  I usually suffer serious jet-lag.  I took “No jet lag” pills available at health food store and had no problem.
    Carol, Collingwood
  • Let your phone be your ticket to easier, less stressful travel. Utilize all of the features they can do for you from using it as your boarding pass, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing paper tickets.
    Ken, UK 
  • Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Traveling on off peak days and times equals lower flight fares, less crowded planes and a better chance of getting the elusive upgrade. Save a ton of money by flying on a Saturday and returning on a Tuesday.
    Molly, FLA 


  • To help figure out the best room in the resort go to trip advisor and pick your hotel then just above the reviews there is a line that reads ‘see which rooms travelers prefer’ and all reviews specific to a hotel will come up so you can figure out the best rooms in the hotel.
    Jen, Canada 
  • The day before you check in to your hotel call the front desk and speak to them in person asking for the room you want, it works every time as that is when they can make a change or put you where you want. Be super nice, even ask their name as it always helps to get what you want.

Packing & Luggage

  • Our travel tip is to travel light. You do not need a huge wardrobe and to keep to out the wrinkles put parchment paper between each piece of clothing. Most important make sure to leave some room in your suitcase for your shopping endeavors!
    Alex & Lea, Peterborough, ON
  • The real thing to remember I found when traveling alone with my 1 year old son was to be well prepared. Do not overlook three major categories of things to pack: an emergency kit, lots of games (new ones tend to hold their attention longer) and snacks!! There’s nothing worse than facing airport or airplane food that is not child-friendly. Small bags of pretzels, almonds, raisins, granola bars and, if you choose, candy, are all great options.
    Tiff. W, Toronto 
  • On a recent trip with friends, I noticed they were carrying travel bags by Lug.  They bragged about their colourful carry-ons, and were so convinced I also needed to own one, that I had to go online and buy one!  Am I ever glad I did. I picked the  “Puddle Jumper” it is not too big or too small, with a pocket or pouch for every last thing and with so many great features and colours it was hard to pick just one! One of the best travel accessories I’ve found.
    Ann, Peterborough
  • When purchasing your next suitcase, go bold and you can’t miss it, even from the plane window to make sure it is aboard. A coloured twist tie won’t do but polka dots, bright colours or stripes will.
    Jaycee, Florida
  • What should you pack when you travel?  When you are going away you need to be prepared!  It is a  good idea to pack a travel first aid kit containing just in-case items. Pain reliver, Antacid for heartburn, Anti-diarrheal, Anti-nausea, Aspirin, Laxative, Bandaids, Polysporin, and Sunscreen.
    Dave, Toronto

Places To See

Washington, DC
  • If staying in Washington be sure to stay at the W Hotel, new life has been injected into the hotel and its fun and youthful not to mention a great roof top lounge with a view of the White House!
    Carrie, Arizona 

  • The San Antonio Riverwalk is a must see. You think Texas desert but it lush and beautiful – think Romantic with twinkling lights, restaurants, bars and shopping all along the bank of the river. Be sure to find a hotel on or close to the riverwalk so you are in the heart of the action.
    Randy, Toronto 

  • Laguna Beach – You must visit the Surf & Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach. With beachfront rooms that feel an oasis on the ocean it is a fantastic family resort.
    Sheila, Canada
  • Santa Monica – When in Santa Monica, you must spend some time at the Santa Monica Pier.  There are great places to eat, shop, and even some carnival rides for the kids.  All right on the ocean. Definitely a must see.
    Kimberley, Kempner, Texas

New York
  • To get an authentic New York City experience head across to Brooklyn for “church” on Sunday morning. There are hundreds of “gospel” churches … just listen for the music. Outstanding!
    Carrie, Toronto

  • Miami – Every time I’m in Miami I make sure that at least one of my meals is at Sushi Samba. The atmosphere, the staff and the food are incredible. If you can get a table outside it will also provide some of the best people watching around.
    Julie, Toronto
  • Miami – When in Miami you must have a drink on the King & Groves or otherwise known as the Tides patio in the Art Deco District where elegance & history meet the palpable beach life.
  • Orlando – When visiting Magic Kingdom in Disney do not miss out on the ‘Celebrate’ parade, everyone thinks the best is the main parade at 3pm but this parade comes around twice mid-day before the 3pm parade and the characters come off the floats and dance with the kids – it is priceless.
    Amy, NY 
  • Key West – The best place for a drink in Key West is by far Sunset Pier, it feels like life just can’t get any better with a cold drink and live music to watch the sunset over one of the most southern points of the USA.
    Natalie, Montreal 

Ontario, Canada
  • If visiting Ontario, Canada you must visit the area of Muskoka and Georgian Bay, there is nothing like a sunset on the dock or a day on the water. There are lots of fantastic resorts to visit like Red Leaves and Deerhurst.
    Tammy, BC

Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Copenhagen in June is beautiful.  The Palace Hotel is within five minutes walking distance from Tivoli Gardens and pedestrian shopping street.
    Pauline, Collingwood 

Rental Cars

  • If you are picking up your rental car and want to upgrade be sure to ask them if the class of car you reserved is available as if not then they need to upgrade you at no cost so ask first before you pay for an upgrade.
    Mary, Calgary
  • Before renting a car or booking expensive tours, see if Hop-on-Hop-Off canal boats (Stockholm) or buses (Helsinki) available in the city you wish to visit. Grab a tour map from information booth and it is an inexpensive way to tour.
    Alex, Ontario
  • If you are travelling with young kids the cost to lease a car seat is so steep. You are better to go to Walmart when you arrive and buy a car seat even if you leave there.
    Randy, ON.

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