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Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Mexico:  Having done the Dominican Republic and the Cuban resort experience too many times to count, my travel companions and I decided it was time to visit the ever popular tropical destination of Mexico. Given that we are the oldest 20-something year olds’ you’ll ever meet, we wanted to avoid the party places and tequila belly shots, so we opted for the charming island of Cozumel and the moderately priced yet well-kept resort of Allegro.

Snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico

The resort was a wonderful juxtaposition from day one in that it was large enough to feel roomy, yet intimate enough to feel welcome. Each structure held eight rooms, four on the upper levels and four on the lower levels, topped off by a charming thatch room. I say charming because it gave an endearing island feel, but I wouldn’t say practical because thatch is about as far from sound-proof as one could imagine. I can say with near certainty that there was an island bird equivalent to a rooster that felt it necessary to squawk like clockwork every morning at 6 am. Fortunately I am a morning person and it meant I was first to the breakfast buffet… Also, fresh guacamole with every meal is completely socially acceptable, if not encouraged.

Now I aim to be a cultured traveler in that I always try to learn a bit of the language of the country I plan on visiting. The basic “una cervesa, por favor” didn’t seem to quite cut it, so I really took it upon myself to branch out with “dos cervesas, por favor”. It did not disappoint. The resort is sufficiently stocked with ample beverages of the adult variety and we never had to wait longer than a couple minutes to be looked after. The beach bar is quite convenient being just steps from the loungers and sand and they never failed to fill our Bubba Kegs right to the brim (it may not be the classy way to drink, but at least it prevents waste!).

The beach offered some beautiful snorkeling even after wading only a few meters. Bring an underwater camera if you can because we managed to snap all kinds of colourful fish, eels, a ray and even a tiny squid! And of course, respect the nature and try not disturbing any of the wildlife for the sake of a photo. We promise that parrot fish does not want to be in that selfie you’re trying to take.

Snorkeling at Allegro in Cozumel Mexico

After a long day of walking and shopping the downtown port of Cozumel, we cannot stress enough how thankful we were to have brought our handmade Apothecary Boys Shea foot cream. Not many people think to pack foot cream when heading on vacation, likely not thinking beyond the always important sunscreen. But trust us, getting a moisturizing foot rub after walking in the sun and sand and streets – it’s like a vacation while on vacation.

For beautiful beaches, friendly staff and delicious food, Allegro Cozumel Mexico is certainly worth a visit!


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