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cucumber green tea eye cream

Cucumber & Green Tea Eye Cream

Whether it be by car, plane or train, however you opt to get to your destination and all it has to offer, the trip there can quite often be exhausting. Late night departures and the resultant sleep deprivation can leave you not just feeling tired but also looking like you’ve missed a few REM cycles. Given the imminence of those travel photos you are already thinking about showing off upon return, why not take some steps to ensure you are looking as refreshed as your soul will feel while travelling? Enter our under-eye savior – Cucumber & Green Tea Eye Cream.

Cucumber Peel Rich in Vitamin C

The cucumber peel extract in our eye cream is rich in vitamin C and provides a soothing, cooling sensation on application, making it particularly refreshing on those puffy eyes that probably just spent two hours watching a regrettably dreadful inflight movie. The green tea extract, taken from the Camellia sinensis plant, is exceptionally rich in a group of powerful antioxidants known as green tea catechins (often abbreviated as GTCs), and contains high amounts of caffeine. Interested in reading more? Check out this article here ( ) for a quick summary of all the benefits you might be missing out on!

Green Tea Bags On Eyes is Messy

Now instead of putting your dripping used tea bag, or some sliced cucumbers that have since been turned to mush in the bottom of your bag, on your eyes (and of course, bracing for the subsequent stares), try applying a thin layer of our Cucumber & Green Tea Eye Cream in a gentle dabs with your middle or ring finger until absorbed.

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Cody and Patrick
The Apothecary Boys

Apothecary Boys - Our StoryThe Apothecary Boys is a personal care and cosmetics company that aims to bridge the gap between the organic offerings of old world personal care and modern day safe synthetics. Founded by Patrick, a laboratory scientist and skin care skeptic, and Cody, a former goo hoarder who once had more cream than Starbucks, we as an odd couple are bringing some science back to skin care. We have created a line of skin care products based on published academic research using natural ingredients in modern ways.


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