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David – Discovering Beijing through the lens.

Traveling to China was something always spoken about back home in London, but I guess also was being the next James Bond Hollywood star, each laughed away because it just wasn’t the norm in the community. Fast forward to October 2015 and I’m booking flights to not only China but to the capital with expenses covered by the Study China Program. Of course this wasn’t taken lightly I jumped straight in feet – legs – hands – head first completely immersing myself in a culture so far removed from my own and from this formed friendships, paved roads and inspired me to tell a story connecting people from the polarized cultures of the West and East in the aim of creating a conversation and understanding of such cultural differences but also parallels in an age where society can at times lose its collective meaning.

Stories providing you a glimpse into the Beijing Culture – one of the greatest wonders of the world:

With all this in mind, bag packed and cameras charged (so many cameras) I stepped out not realizing Beijing would take me on a whirlwind adventure:

And in the end I look back stunned, this adventure took me to the astonishing heights of Beijing overlooking its Wonders, reformed my opinion of tea through the ‘colourful’ creations and brought me to this self-realization of taking pride in your craft even when the world changes rapidly around you.

Maybe now I’ll try out for the James Bond role.

To those who feel the opportunities that are offered to them are not of great significance I encourage you not to let that define how you experience and approach it, take it with both hands and run with it with complete faith understanding that you can make it so much more and funnily enough that your own perception can be deceptive. Focus on the unseen, you might just be surprised at what comes from it.

Author Bio:

David Adesanya

David Adesanya

Hi, I’m David Adesanya, an Architecture student at the University of Manchester who started ‘Behind Beijing’ providing a glimpse into the culture of one of the greatest wonders of the world. I am a person who strives to develop their talents whether it is in sports, being nominated for sports personality of the year (table tennis) or interpersonal skills. I am in my third year of university and have tried to make the most of every opportunity gaining a wealth of experience challenging myself and learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s a mouthful I know but I truly am just passionate in completing everything I start and try my hardest to do it to the best of my ability.

26 thoughts on “Discover Beijing Culture – Stories From The Road

  1. Lisa

    Great opportunity for you and quite an adventure. Lot of history to explore there. I love getting with the locals of an area, best way to look at things a little differently. Nice job on your video too. Great memories for you, I might make it there one day!

  2. Meg

    As a fellow architect I can appreciate your interest in China. I was supposed to go there for the World’s Fair back in 2010. Butttttt I got violently ill in Mongolia and ended up in the hospital, missing my flight to China. I was so sick and exhausted after that I just went home.

  3. Gracie

    You seem to really enjoy your trip there, and I’m glad you did! China has a lot to offer when it comes to history and showing their culture. I wish you more travels in Asia in the future!

  4. John

    What an awesome project! I would love to visit China someday, and Beijing would definitely be a part of that trip! It is such a rich place both culturally and historically.

  5. Mike

    It sounds like you had an absolutely incredible experience and don’t blame you for totally jumping when the opportunity came to study in China. Great pics and video too.

  6. Kallsy

    Really hoping to visit Beijing in 2018! I’ve always been fascinated by the culture and history! I’m hoping that summer is a good time to visit as that is when I am planning to backpack in a few different countries. 🙂

  7. Swayam Tiwari

    I wonder how the city came into being. Who was the founder and what is its age. Many of us think of China as a country of Great Wall bu there are so many treasures there to be explored.

  8. neha

    Even I , for a long time as a child, didn’t know what else was there to experience in China except the great walls. Off late, I slowly got educated and thanks to posts like this one, I now know there is so much more to experience and see. I am wanting to visit there

  9. Wanderlust Vegans

    What an incredible opportunity to travel to another country and learn about their culture. You seem like quite the photography enthusiast since you have a bunch of cameras. Photography is a great way to capture the similarities and differences between the East and West.

  10. Jesper

    Wow, sounds like a opportunity to good to be true. Seeing Beijing and China and also learn more about the culture that way must be a great experience. Always interesting to learn about travelers like David, thank you.

  11. Rashmi and Chalukya

    We have always wondered why we get to read so less about people experiencing China and its culture. The fact has intrigued us and we are looking forward to visiting China sometime soon in future. Good to know that your trip was fun with lots to learn.

  12. Soumya Nambiar

    I have realised that it is easier to travel the world than being the next James Bond. I agree that we gain so much with traveling and learning about new cultures. My sister was in Beijing a few months ago and she said language was a barrier.

  13. Joe

    Beijing does certainly feel very different to London, speaking as someone who has lived in the latter for the last 6 years or so. There are lots of wonderful things to see 🙂 Good luck auditioning for that James Bond role!

  14. Dane

    Nice one man. I have always felt Chinese culture has been largely misunderstood by the west. I have been following this couple that lives in Beijing on instagram for a while now and it always looks so amazing. Yours do the same. I can never get over the landscape and how mountainous it is. I just never really expect to see that. It looks incredible.

  15. Swati & Sam

    Wow!! Loved the video. You are right indeed, every opportunity is life teaching you something new. We also love to travel the world and learn about new cultures and mingle with the locals. We think it is the best way to see a new place and learn about their culture. Hope you had a lovely time at Beijing.

  16. Celma Costa

    Hi David,

    I definitely agree that China is something that is considered out of the norm. I mean yes, for the shopping and the wall and the noodles, one can even hear something — but to go and live a life and immerse oneself in the culture is another thing.

    I was only briefly in MOC and spend more time in Taiwan, which was interesting in its own might.

    Reading this, I look forward to visiting China and really dedicating the time to being in the culture. I congratulate your initiative, Behind Beijing — I think it does a great deal in contributing and informing people about not only the busy city but the surrounding environment and people.

  17. Lucy

    I visited Beijing back in 2013 and found it an incredibly interesting place to go. Having always heard about it at home in Australia, it was bizarre (but amazing) experiencing it in real life! Thank you for sharing your experiences – it sounds like you had a great time.

  18. Jessica Ray

    After reading this blog.. i just wanna go to Beijing for at least 4-5 days.. Please suggest me, the best time to visit Beijing.

    1. Kimberley

      Hi Jessica, after talking with David, he personally suggests from late March to mid April as it was neither too hot or too cold (throughout that Easter period).

      Thanks for your inquiry.

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