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Don Cesar – Loews Hotel Video Review

My family and I fell in love with the Don Cesar last year when we visited St. Pete Beach. This hotel was our one major splurge on our trip. Because we normally spend three weeks to a month on the road we try to stay in mid-level hotels. However, after discovering the Don Cesar we now make it a must visit each year. If you have never visited this hotel and are looking for an amazing experience then the Don Cesar is a must! I don’t normally promote things in my blog unless I absolutely love them.  I just have such a warm spot in my heart for this hotel that I wanted to share our experience here.

If you want to be treated like you are someone special then this hotel is a must. Last year I was worried that we wouldn’t fit in because it is a very high end hotel. I was worried that we didn’t elude enough air of pretentiousness and we would look like we don’t fit it. I have to say that there is no air of pretentiousness in this hotel at all. Everyone treats you so well and with such human decency from the hotel staff to the guests staying here. It’s unfortunate that in most places customer service is seriously lacking. This is what I hate about our society now, people don’t seem to care about the customer. There seems to be a huge lack of customer loyalty most places you go to nowadays.

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