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Shea Butter Foot Cream

Do Your Feet Need Help?

A free spirited soul-searcher looking forward to the bongo circle in a forest halfway around the world. A full blown fanny-pack tourist (we’re not judging) with pills packed for just about every ailment imaginable. A sun-seeker from the great white north, already fantasizing about their strawberry pina-daiqu-marga-something on the beach. Apart from the obvious fact that they are all traveling, these globe-trotters all have something in common: their feet are going to need help.

Hiking through jungle, strolling along cobblestone or spiking a shot in a game of beach volleyball all take their toll on one’s feet and keeping your feet happy is surprisingly important to one’s well-being. Lucky for you, we The Apothecary Boys are here for your ten little piggies.

Shea Butter Foot Cream

Our Citrus Mint Foot Cream is made with raw, unrefined, organic Shea butter, sweet almond oil, and organic coconut oil, giving your tired, worn feet a much needed boost of hydration. The Shea works to improve skin elasticity and reduce inflammation, while the almond and coconut oils work to penetrate and provide lasting moisture. Dry and cracked heels can result from frequent barefoot or strenuous walks; more than just an eye-sore, these fissures can deepen, running the risk of bleeding and infection. Ensure you pack comfortable footwear to help with shock absorption while walking and at the end of the night, treat yourself, or have your loving partner treat you, to a foot rub using our Citrus Mint Foot Cream. Not only does foot massaging relieve stress, it helps to promote circulation, stimulate muscles and reduce tension. If your loving partner needs some convincing, have a read of what the experts at Harvard think of the matter

Perfect For Travelers

Remember, your skin needs more attention when traveling. The next time you are packing, save space for Citrus Mint Shea Butter Foot Cream, so you’ll be ready for your next jungle/cobblestone/beach adventure. Plus, the convenient size fits in most fanny packs (we promise we still aren’t judging.)

To read more about this product, the effectiveness of its ingredients, and to check out our other skin care offerings, visit our website at Use coupon codeTOURIST10 to receive free shipping and 15 dollars off your purchase of 60$ or more! We here at The Apothecary Boys strive to create skin and personal care products that are safe, simple, and above all else, effective.


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Cody and Patrick
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Apothecary Boys - Our StoryThe Apothecary Boys is a personal care and cosmetics company that aims to bridge the gap between the organic offerings of old world personal care and modern day safe synthetics. Founded by Patrick, a laboratory scientist and skin care skeptic, and Cody, a former goo hoarder who once had more cream than Starbucks, we as an odd couple are bringing some science back to skin care. We have created a line of skin care products based on published academic research using natural ingredients in modern ways.

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