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Flying Premium Economy With Cathay Pacific

When I mention to people that I just got back from Australia one of the first things they ask me is how was my flight. I took the best route from Toronto to Perth and it was still 25 hours of travel to get there. Most people I talk to mention how awful it must be to be on a plane for that long and all the misery that goes along with flying. I’m tall, so when I think about flying, I envision my legs cramping up and trying to stretch mid-flight without giving my fellow passengers black eyes. For my vertically-challenged friends, the biggest pet-peeve with flying seems to be sharing an arm rest. Arm rest etiquette is vague and usually ends up with someone feeling abused. Where is Miss Manners when you really need her?


Sooo . . . flying to Australia? Actually, if you’re flying just about anywhere, I am here to say that Cathay Pacific, specifically their premium economy class, is a great choice. Fifteen hours straight from Hong Kong to Toronto on a plane and I never once felt a need to act out against my fellow passengers.  It was that good!   I had never heard of premium-economy class before.  It’s not quite first class or business class – you know, where their seats lay flat like beds? – but it is most definitely not economy.  It does cost a bit more money, but for a long flight like mine, it is money well-spent. Before I left for Australia I was researching whether paying the extra money for Premium Economy was worth it. I found mixed reviews, but in my opinion when it comes to long haul travel the extra money is definitely worth the added comfort Premium Economy gives.

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