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GoPro: Shark Dive with Reef Oasis Dive Club Bahamas

Dive sponsored by Reef Oasis, camera sponsored by GoPro. Because parents are people too I decided to go and have a fun trip just for ME! I have always been fascinated with sharks and I see the beauty in them. I watched an amazing documentary called Sharkwater and ever since then I’ve wanted to swim with sharks.


I recently went on a trip to Freeport Bahamas and had the chance to dive with sharks. The people are Reef Oasis Dive Club ( could not have been nicer and more professional. I was completely comfortable going on this dive.


I must admit, when I jumped in the water I was SO nervous. I could see the sharks already swimming below me. When I got to the ocean floor and was positioned I had to take a few moments to collect my breath. Once I calmed down I was able to just watch and enjoy the sharks. They really had no interest in me. At one point one even bumped into my camera. They acted more like puppies coming in to get a pet. They are really beautiful and I’m so glad I took this opportunity to get up close and personal!


A big thanks to GoPro for the amazing Hero 4 camera that captured all this amazing footage!

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