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IndiDive – Perth, WA – Why I Love This Dive School

I recently took a business trip to Perth Australia. I was only going to be in Perth for 12 days but I really wanted to get my scuba dive certification while there. I thought it would be a great memory to have, getting certified in Australia! I knew I’d have to book my course before leaving Toronto. I started doing research on the best dive school and looking at google every course seemed the same. The websites were basically the same, the course offerings were very similar, it was hard to decide which company to go with. So I decided to turn to Twitter. I tweeted out ‘can someone recommend a great dive centre in Perth Australia’ I had PADI retweet that tweet and IndiDive respond. Pete, the owner of IndiDive, started answering my questions on twitter and our conversation moved into email. His company immediately stood out to me because he became a real person and not just a webpage with information.

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