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best places to eat in las vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada » Best Places to Eat, Stay & Play

Las Vegas, Nevada is known for its casinos and nightlife. There is nothing more thrilling then heading to a casino and playing away, while you sip on drinks and meet new people at the blackjack, roulette, and poker tables. The slots (slot machines) is one of the top destinations for those travelling to Las Vegas because it offers an atmosphere that not a lot of people tend to see often. But there are many things to do if you don’t want to spend all of your time in the casinos such as: museums, conservation areas, and theatre performances.

The Best Things To Do and See in Las Vegas:

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas has always been known as a top tourist destination, as the magnificence of the neon flashing lights of the many hotels, casinos, and attractions tends to offer dazzling and spectacular sightseeing options. In a city such as Las Vegas, it may seem difficult to pick out what the best attractions are, but since there is everything for everyone, every tourist will be able to find places to visit.

Las Vegas Entertainment

Las Vegas Entertainment

If you are going for the classic Las Vegas Strip, where you can shop to your heart’s content, play the day away in casinos and enjoy the lavish atmospheres of the many hotels, then getting lost in the flashing neon lights will offer you some magnificent amenities. From the Mandalay Bay which offers a wonderful shoreline to walk, and sun bathe at, to the designer boutiques at The Forum Shops, to the roller coasters at the ever famous Circus Circus, this type of vacation or trip will surround you with many sights to see. Don’t forget to check out the Stratosphere and the famous Bellagio Hotel which has a world class spa as well.

However, if you would rather tap into the theatrical scene, there is always a night event going on! From masquerade balls, to comedy acts, to concerts and comedy shows, there is always a performance to watch. It doesn’t really matter where you go in Las Vegas, as there will always be a show going on.  Don’t know where to start?  Check out

Now if you are more interested in actually learning something, there are tons of museums with informative exhibits that you can visit. For instance, there is a Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit for those who loved the movie, and the Mob Museum for more mature audiences.

Finally, if you are more of an outdoors type, there are tons of different conservation areas that you can visit. From the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation where you can enjoy a Morning Maverick horseback ride with breakfast to the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio, to the Hoover Dam, all offer fantastic views of the landscape.

The Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas:

Vintner Grill Las Vegas

Vintner Grill Las Vegas

There is no shortage of places to eat in Las Vegas, from celebrity chef restaurants, to five star resorts, to high end burgers that cost outrageous prices, to the more affordable food venues – you won’t go hungry!

  • Vintner Grill: is located in West Las Vegas and is a favourite local grill that uses American dishes with Mediterranean influences.
  • Tacos and Tequila: Is a great place to head to if you are on the strip and want food with a Mexican taste and magnificent cocktails.
  • Aureole: which is located at the Mandalay Bay has food that is mainly situated for dinner time, which can be paired with over 9,000 bottles of wine.
  • Bronze Cafe: is a great place for any daytime food, coffee, or vegan dishes and has a large dessert section! It is located in the downtown core.

The Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas:

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas

The Bellagio Fountains at night.

According to Trivago, there are over 344 hotels in Las Vegas that offer amazing rates for staying near the Las Vegas Strip and the City Center.  Here are several that have amazing ratings:

  • The Venetian: is only 0.2km from the Las Vegas Strip and has some amazing reviews.
  • MGM Grand: is only 0.7km from the City Center, and is one of the more affordable hotels to stay at.
  • Mandalay Bay: is 1.9km from the City Center, and has some amazing shoreline views and is affordable.
  • Bellagio: is 0.6km to the City Center, and is one of the more expensive hotels but is well worth the price with the exhibits and world class spa.

The Best Time To Go To Las Vegas:

Although there is no off-season when it comes to travelling to Las Vegas, the best times are between March-May, and September-November as there are a lot of travel deals during this time of year and the weather is very pleasant. By going during these times of the year, it is cool enough to walk around, but you aren’t going to need a lot of layers to stay warm. Going during the mid-week is always best, since it is a hot weekend destination!

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