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New York, NY » Best Places to Eat, Stay & Play

New York City is one of the most iconic, warm hearted places, where anyone can fit in even as an outside tourist. From the friendly locals, to the numerous bars, cafes, and restaurants, New York is a fabulous place to visit. It offers up a world of art, culture, nature and modern technology. From never getting lost – attributed to its easy grid style layout – to the attractions on every block, it’s a must see city!


The Best Things To Do and See in New York:

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

The allure of New York City is for it’s nature, history, and entertainment options. It’s known as one of the best and easiest places to shop in the world, since it has such a wide variety of shopping centers, fashion lines and trends. In addition to this, New York is known for it’s Central Park activities, restaurants, and major league sports.

Shopping in New York City

If you are a huge shopper, then checking out the flagship Saks on Fifth Avenue is a must. But if you prefer to see a lot of shopping options at once, heading down to the Brooklyn Flea Market is one of the best experiences a shopper can have. It is a marketplace with hundreds of speciality vendors selling anything from antiques to produce.

New York Outdoors

Staten Island Ferry - New York

Staten Island Ferry – It’s FREE!

If being outdoors is more your style, then heading to the Bronx Zoo is a great nature escape, or taking wonderful water photographs from the free Staten Island Ferry. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge whether it be during day or night has some spectacular views, and has galleries, shops and restaurants accessible along the way! Or if you are heading to New York during the summer time, then catching a free performance of Shakespeare in the Park is a wonderful tradition to see.  If fireworks dazzle you, then going to Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular is an amazing view, as they light up the waterfront.

Sightseeing in New York

Times Square New York

Times Square at night

However, if you are more into the traditional sights of New York, then heading to Times Square, the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, and the Statue of Liberty are great ways to see the cityscape. If music is what you want to learn about, then heading to the Louis Armstrong House Museum is a great way to celebrate famous Jazz musicians.

Regardless of what you choose to do, the New York City backdrop has something for everyone!

The Best Places to Eat in New York:

El Rey Cafe New York

El Rey Cafe

Picking out the best places to eat in New York is daunting, because there are hundreds of amazing coffee shops, lunch rooms, and restaurants to pick from. The odds are is that you’re not really going to go wrong with where you eat in New York. Everywhere is friendly, and every place will have a specialty of some sort. But, here is a list of some amazing places to check out:


  • El Rey’s: Is a local restaurant that services a variety of health conscious dishes. They serve morning coffee and breakfast, healthy and delicious lunches, and has a large list of brews on tap. They have house-made pastries that sell out quick, and their kale dishes are to die for.
  • Rose Bakery: Is a London based cafe with fresh daily salads, pastries, and breakfast food such as eggs and toast.
  • Glady's New York

    Glady’s New York

    Glady’s: Is a lunch spot that sports Caribbean food like lobster, pork and chicken with rice and peas, and even plantains for those wanting to venture into something new. They have a ton of deals on both food and drink specials, and the atmosphere is very relaxing.


  • Parlor Steakhouse NYC

    Parlor Steakhouse NYC

    Parlour: Is a fantastic steakhouse that has a fresh raw bar, top quality meatselection and serves an amazing brunch. It has more than just steak, but is more of a trendy, upscale restaurant to check out.

Oh and if you’re looking for some fantastic dessert, check out Petee’s Pie as their pies are made from organic flour and grass-fed butter!

The Best Places to Stay in New York:

Of course laying your head down to rest requires a hotel of some sort, and in New York there is no shortage of them with close to 460 hotels. From expensive to affordable, the best places to stay according to Trip Advisor include:

  • Sanctuary Hotel: Which is situated near Times Square.
  • Staybridge Suites: Has a fantastic location and is affordable!
  • Avalon Hotel: Is an old-style hotel in Manhattan.
  • Distrikt Hotel: Is located in the city centre, which is perfect for anyone on vacation.
  • Hotel Metro: Is located on 35th Street, has a rooftop view of the Empire State building, and is near a lot of shops.

The Best Time To Go To New York:

For those looking to travel to New York, whether it be for business or vacation, the city is wonderful year-round with magical thick snowfalls during the winter, and reliable hot weather during the summer time. But the best time to head to head to New York City is either during the spring when there are blue skies, or during Autumn, when the air is crisp and the colourful leaves decorate Central Park.

We hope you enjoy your stay in New York City.  If there is a great place here that we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to add it in the comments below.

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