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How to Pack Your Mountain Bike for Travel

If you happen to be one of the travel enthusiasts with a mountain bike and want to travel somewhere far then you are on the right page. Everything you need to know about packing a mountain bike for travel is here. Let’s check it out.

6 Steps – Pack Your Mountain Bike For Travel Correctly

It doesn’t matter if you a mountain bike from the best cheap mountain bike category or perhaps the best mountain bike, all you need to know is how to pack it properly for a travel.

Now, we will explain widely step-by-step the whole process of packing your best mountain bike perfectly.

1. Clean your bike

First of all, in order to go on a travel trip with your mountain bike, you need to clean it first. Basically, you need to be very thorough. Only with a clean bike, can properly pack your things on it and go for an adventure somewhere.

2 Remove parts

The first thing you need to remove is the pedals. You can actually remove pedals without any complications with the 6 or 8 mm Allen key. Next, you need to remove handlebars. You can do this by removing the bolts on the clap that is securing handlebars. Be careful not to damage the handlebars.

Finally, you need to remove the seatpost. The seatpost is also not a big problem to remove since you can basically use your hands or some tools to remove it. Keep in mind to tighten it properly when you put it back on.

mountain bike for travel3. Whip the wheels off and let down the tires

Next in the line for removing parts is the wheels. All you need to know about the wheels is that they are attached to the frame and that you can remove them properly with a handful turn. For the tires, after you have removed the wheels, all you you need to do is to let some air out of the tires. This way, you will be good to go.

4. Make sure to protect the delicate parts

Keep in mind to protect the delicate parts and try not to lose them since every part has its purpose. Now, we highly recommend you find some packing supplies with cushioning to put the delicate parts in,so they will not be damaged when you pack them in with the bike.

5. Bag everything up

After you removed everything in the correct order, it is time to pack it properly. You can pack all of the bike components in the same way as you pack any other stuff. Just make sure to do it carefully and use proper packing since some parts are easily damaged.


6 You are good to gohow to pack a mountain bike for travel

If you did everything correctly, you will be ready to go on an adventure with your mountain bike and come back home with lots of great memories. Now, if you have troubles with some of the steps, simply do it again with more patience and precision this time.


In really isn’t that hard to pack a mountain bike for travel after all. With a simple 6 steps that we discussed above, you will be able to do it in no time at all.


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