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Paris, France » Best Places to Eat, Stay & Play

Paris, France is one of the easiest cities to navigate because it is divided up into twenty different districts, all which have a different flair or style. From open air food markets that sell a wide assortment of goods, to their vineyards, Paris is never short on fine dining. In addition to this, shopping in Paris is magnificent because of the importance that the French put on fashion. Match this with the gorgeous gardens that are strewn throughout the districts and it’s no wonder Paris is considered the most romantic place to visit. Toss in amazing iconic buildings to see, a tourist friendly city, and a rich history and Paris, France becomes one of the most visited destinations.

The Best Things to Do in Paris, France:

There are some amazing sites to see around Paris, France from sprawling gardens, to catacombs for the more adventurous, to the multiple museums and amusement parks. Just like many tourist hot spots, Paris, France has a lot to offer the tourists coming into its beautiful country.

First off, we’re going to start with the iconic sightseeing places:

  • The Louvre Museum - Paris, France

    The Louvre Museum – Paris, France

    The Eiffel Tower: The most recognized landmark, the iron latticework of the Eiffel Tower. Not only can you picnic on the grounds around it, but there are two restaurants inside, and multiple levels to view if you buy tickets  upon entry.

  • Arc De Triomphe: Although set at a busy traffic intersection, this archway can be seen for miles as it rises up above the city for all to see.

  • Louvre Museum: Is recognizable by its distinct glass  pyramid shape, which has vast collections of famous artwork from around the world including the Mona Lisa.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral: Is a serene place of worship for anyone who is devoted to religion or art, and is famously known because of its French gothic architecture.

  • Luxembourg Palace - Paris, France

    Luxembourg Palace – Paris, France

    Luxembourg Gardens: If a paradise oasis is more for you, then heading to the Luxembourg Gardens may be the perfect destination with its picturesque statues, fountains, and orchards.

  • Champs Elysees: It is one of the best places to do all of your shopping in France. It is one street lined with the brim with shops of all kinds!

The second list consists of some amazing  spots in Paris, France that are not always pointed out but are definitely worthwhile to see:

  • Paris Catacombs: This is definitely not a tourist spot for everyone, but for those seeking a little more adventure, heading to the chilling underground graveyard of Paris’ catacombs can  make for an interestingly scary night.

  • Place de la Concorde: Although with a dark history, it stands handsome with it’s chiselled infrastructure and centered fountain. The Place de la Concorde is famously known as the place where Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were executed along with 1,300 people during France’s reign of power.

  • Canal Saint-Martin: Makes up a network of waterways that weave through some of Paris’ Bohemian neighbourhoods. It’s a wonderful place to catch up on the sights, and relax as you stroll or cycle along the embankment.

  • Jardin d’Acclimatation: Is a family friendly amusement park that has fairground rides, roller coasters and even a petting zoo for those who like to interact with animals.

The Best Places to Eat in Paris, France:

Bistroy Les Papilles - Paris, France

Bistroy Les Papilles – Paris, France

Choosing where to eat may become a difficult task as there are over 13,000 restaurants in Paris, France.  So rather than struggling through the many wonderful places to eat, we’ve hand-picked five, each being unique to a specific district within Paris. The list won’t represent all twenty districts, but it will give you a wonderful selection of food to choose from!

  • Restaurant David Toutain: is all about vegetables and seasonal produce that often gets ignored. it is not a vegetarian restaurant by any means, but is known for having a large selection of vegetables during the lunch and dinner menu. They also offer wine pairings for both meal times.

  • Pirouette: has more affordable dishes but still offers that fine dining experience! With delicious dishes, wine pairings, and a polished and lavish location.

  • Frenchie: has a contemporary market style cooking that has made landing reservations near impossible because of its popularity.

  • Breizh Cafe: offers some of the best crepes in the city. From dessert crepes with organic ingredients, to sea scallops, and salted butter caramel crepes. This cafe is affordable but luxurious in taste and design.

  • Les Papilles: is a family style dinner restaurant that offers affordable pricing for a four course meal.  

The Best Places to Stay in Paris, France:

  • Idol Hotel Paris by Elegancia: is a funky hotel known for its friendly staff, gorgeous views and child friendly atmosphere. It’s also extremely affordable and right near dining locations, boutiques, and the general night life of Paris, France.

  • Hotel Fabric - Paris, France

    Hotel Fabric – Paris, France

    Hotel Fabric: The decor is what sets this hotel apart, with excellent ratings across the board, this hotel is perfect for anyone who is looking for quality sleep, amazing service, and access to a gym and spa.


  • Hotel Beausejour Montmartre:  If you’re looking for a hotel that is just a bus ride away from the major attractions, but is set a part from the hustle and bustle of tourists, then staying at this hotel which is in the Montmartre district is perfect.

  • Le Relais des Halles: Is a cozy hotel that is perfect for couples, and is in a great location where tourists can walk to the Louvre if they want!

The Best Time to Go to Paris, France:

There really isn’t a best time to go to Paris, France since all climates bring something unique to the city but if you want cooler weather then going during the spring, and autumn is great as the weather is mild around this time.

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