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Planning a last minute vacation

Planning A Last Minute Vacation? – What You Need To Know


Last Minute Travel Plans?

Best Last Minute Travel Websites

Planning a Last Minute Vacation

For those of us who procrastinate, lead busy lives, or just aren’t all that great at planning ahead; we often find ourselves stuck in planning our vacation last minute.  When this happens, regardless of the reason, there are some do’s and don’ts that you have to watch out for.

First and foremost, you have to be savvy about where you are booking your vacation from. It is advisable that you book from a website that specializes in last minute travel, as they will have the best selection. Knowing where to get the best last minute deals on flights and packages is important, otherwise you will end up spending more cash than needed.

Second, you want to be spontaneous in your decision, but not hasty with what you choose. Meaning, you want to choose a handful of places that you would like to see, but don’t take too much time thinking about it, or you might miss a great deal.  However, do not be too quick to book the first vacation package that you see or the first deal that you come across.

Third and finally, set out a budget and stick with it. With these in mind, here is what you should and should not do when booking a last minute vacation.


Last Minute Do’s!

  • Look for destinations that provide you with an experience rather than that “dream” vacation.
  • last minute vacation checklistAlways base your research around travel dates rather than rates.
  • Try to travel during the weekday specifically on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Weekend travel is more expensive.
  • Be flexible with dates and if you can’t then be flexible with your destination.
  • Notify your credit card company that you are travelling.
  • Call the post office and let them know to hold your mail.
  • Transfer money over to chequing accounts as using savings in foreign countries can be difficult.
  • Get reviews from well traveled friends rather than an travel operator.

Last Minute Don’ts!

  • Don’t book from the first website that you visit: you’ll end up missing great deals.
  • last minute don'tsDon’t hesitate. As soon as you are indecisive about the dates, or the budget, you won’t end up being happy with what you pick.
  • Don’t use an outdated website/guidebook to choose your destination.
  • Don’t just look at positive reviews – check the negative ones too!
  • Don’t hop from one destination to another when making a choice. Be firm on where you want to go and commit to it.
  • Don’t “sleep on it” when you like the price range – prices can dramatically change overnight.

The best thing you can do is decide on a budget, do research on a few different websites that specialize in last minute travel and find an experience that you would enjoy. Once you have done that, permitting it is within your price range, book it!

Best Last Minute Travel Websites

Here, we have comprised a list of links to some of the best websites where you can find great deals on last minute travel packages.

  • Groupon Getaways
    Groupon always offers lots of amazing deals, so good that most of them do not last long.
  • BookVip.Com
    If you’re looking for an all-inclusive package to somewhere warm and sunny, this is the place to check out.  They have some pretty awesome deals all the time.
  • Travelocity Be sure to scroll down to check out their top travel deals
  • Disney Vacation Packages
    Want to plan a quick family trip to the magical kingdom?  Check out Disney’s vacation packages.

Of course you can always check out the last minute vacation packages we have offered here on Fanatic Tourist as well!  🙂

Last but not least – Enjoy Your Trip!!

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