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Popular Mediterranean Cruises: Why the Ports are a Must See!

Roman Colosseum

Roman Colosseum

In this week’s edition of Cruise News, we will be highlighting some of the most popular destination ports along the Mediterranean Sea from the warm Spanish Islands, to busy cities, to regions with fabulous beaches and majestic views. The western Mediterranean is the second largest cruise destination in the world as it has mild winters and fantastic dry summers mixed with natural scenery such as olive and citrus trees that line the streets of some ports. Often people associate Spain as the top Mediterranean destination, but in fact the Mediterranean Sea expands across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Here are the top port destinations that a Mediterranean Cruise has to offer:

Barcelona, Spain
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Barcelona is a busy city along the Spanish Coastline that offers gothic architecture, fabulous children friendly beaches, lots of cafes and a football stadium for sports enthusiasts. The city has a lovely relaxing feel to it despite it being extremely busy within the main hub. It is a city that has great potential for exploring the rich history independently and is littered with transportation options throughout, allowing access to almost anywhere.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a must see for any traveler who is looking to gaze upon famous landmarks like the Coliseum and the Fountain of Youth. With beautiful architecture that spans across the entire city, friendly locals, and gorgeous views if the Mediterranean, this is one city you do not want to miss. Hop on some e-bikes and take a tour of this magnificent city.

Saint-Tropez, France

Everyone thinks of visiting the capital of France, Paris, but are missing out on this wonderful gem that has glamorous luxury yachts, sophisticated food, and has been a vacation hot spot for the rich and famous for years. It has two beaches that are within easy walking distance of the port and is known for its famous Pie Tropezienne which is a classic French dessert that uses custard and butter cream as its main ingredients.

Tunis, Tunisia

Is a more unique western port that many overlook because it is located in North Africa. The city offers a blend of French Colonial and Arabic influences thus offering a wonderful experience of a different type of culture. It is known for its marvelous North African marketplace that sells all types of oils, spices, and clothing. If you’re looking to take a glimpse into a different culture while on a cruise, then this would be the place to do it.

Corsica, West Italy Island

Is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is a great place to travel to if you are looking to get in touch with some French history. The island is extremely peaceful as it is not as busy as other tourist areas. The island is famous as it was the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Gibraltar, UK

If you are looking to take in some British Culture, then heading to this territory is a great way to visit a Western Mediterranean Cruise Destination while encompassing wondrous views of the African coastline.

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If you are looking to book a Mediterranean Cruise, then it is highly recommended that all ports are considered as there are a lot of smaller gems that may not have as much emphasis put forth to tourists when booking. If you are looking for culture, shopping, and great food, then stopping at some of the major cities is a must. Barcelona, Rome and Genoa are great for tourist shopping and provide breath taking views of grand architecture. If you are looking for a more sunny island feel, then heading to one of the islands within the Mediterranean will give you great views of all three continents that span across the Mediterranean Sea.

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