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Review – Le Square Phillips Hotel and Suites Montreal, Canada

Le Square Phillips Hotel and Suites MontrealAfter a long year of paperwork, we finally had our interviews for our K1 and K2 Visas in Montreal on January 22, 2013.  I wanted to pick a nice place to stay and make the trip like a mini-vacation for the family so I decided to book a suite at Le Square Phillips Hotel and Suites in downtown Montreal.

A 5 minute walk to the consulate on a bitter cold morning in January was one of the reasons why I picked this wonderful hotel.  Although more expensive than some of the other choices, I was extremely happy that I chose this place.

The ambiance was great; the suite was amazing, very clean and spacious.  We had a King bedroom and a large living area with a queen bed partially separate from the rest, along with a pullout sofa.  There was tons of space for myself, my Aunt Katie, and my three children to romp and relax.

There was a complete fully stocked kitchen and one bathroom.  We found a grocery store close and bought some snacks and drinks for the quiet evening before the interviews the next morning.

The kids really enjoyed the pool.  The customer service we received was excellent.  Even though we only stayed one night, it was a trip to remember for years to come.  The significance of this little get-away has altered the course of our lives.

We were up very early on the 22nd for our interview at the U.S. Consulate.  It was bitter cold – minus 24 degrees Celsius, but we found a Tim Horton’s along the way to get warm coffee and hot chocolate to drink while we waited for our turn to go in.

I am happy to report that our Visas were approved.  We had a very friendly experience at the Consulate and I was nervous for no reason.  Of course that is typical me.  We finally made the move to Texas on April 30th, 2013.

For those of you going through the immigration process or would just like to find a great place to stay in down-town Montreal, I highly recommend Le Square Phillips Hotel and Suites.  It is close to just about everything:  Old Montreal and the Old Port, Downtown, museums, theaters, restaurants and shops.

I made a little video with pictures to remember our trip by.  Enjoy!



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