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best things to do in rome

Rome, Italy: The Best Places to Eat, Stay & Play

Rome Italy

Rome Italy

Rome, the “eternal city” is located in Italy, and draws tens of thousands of tourists each year because it is known as the pinnacle of Western Civilization or at least the birth place of it. “Rome was not built in a day” but rather was built with a steady growth over centuries that allowed it to rule for hundred of years, blooming during the middle ages, renaissance and baroque periods. Rome, and Italy especially, is popular because it offers the most diverse experience that a traveller can have in the world, as Rome contains over half of the world’s work of arts, and covers an extensive period in history including multiple societies and political eras. What makes Rome so rich in history, is the fact that it took centuries for it to build to its glory, and therefore was shaped by several wars, an accumulation of knowledge, and the masterpieces of magnificent artists.


The Best Things To Do in Rome, Italy:

There is no shortage of things to do and see in Rome, Italy since there are countless districts to walk through, several palaces to see, several parks and gardens and of course there are tons of squares and fountains to mill about at. Add The Vatican and the various destinations of ancient Rome, and you have over a week’s worth of sights to see. Here are some top destinations that are must, no matter how long your stay is going to be for:

Roman-Colosseum - The best things to do in Rome

The Roman Colosseum

  • The Colosseum: is the most famous and imposing monument in Rome, and is known around the world as the Colosseum. It was opened in 80 A.D and was commissioned by the Flavis family, therefore it’s correct name is the Flavis Amphitheatre. It could hold over seventy thousand spectators and its grand opening lasted one hundred days where fights against exotic animals, shows, and public events were held.


  • The Pantheon: the original Pantheon was build between 27-25 B.C. as a place where all could worship but it caught fire and was re-built again, only to be hit by lightening. It was re-built for a third time in 80 A.D. and is known to keep the most preserved records out of all of the Roman monuments.



  • Trevi Fountain:
    Trevi Fountain- The best things to do in Rome

    Trevi Fountain

    is a magnificent piece of art, that meshes Baroque art with fantasy creatures. It’s a breathtaking sight and sports the coin throwing tradition that states that if you throw a coin over your shoulder into the water, you will return to Rome.


  • The Roman Forum: is the center or heart of Rome, as it is the city’s main piazza where citizens of every social status would come to trade goods, buy from the markets and eat delicious food. The forum offered a wonderful experience, where you could see Roman nobles, meet rich traders, and see goods from Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


The Best Places to Eat in Rome, Italy:

The best places to eat in Rome

Food in Rome

Rome, Italy is one of the greatest food cities there is, with the locals being passionate about their health, a lot of food comes from healthy origins but don’t fret you can also find plenty of comfort food. You will find a lot of wine bars, bistros, pizza, sandwiches and pasta throughout the restaurants of Rome, so deciding on whether you want traditional Italian food or westernized comfort food is required. Some of the best restaurants to eat in Rome Italy include: Sto Bene Roma which offers some of the best lunch sandwiches around, but it also offers a wine bar and pizza. The I Vicini Bistrot is another popular winery and bistro which is perfect for anyone who wants wine, cheese and meat. Finally, the Pizza & Friends restaurant is great if you have a large group, and want nothing but pizza. Do note though, that if you’re looking for something that has more pastry to it, there are tons of bakeries around.


The Best Places to Stay in Rome, Italy:

According to there are over 1,269 hotels in Rome, Italy that you can stay at. But out of those, these are the top three that have the best reviews and ratings:


  • Appia Antica Resort
    Appia - One of the best places to stay in Rome

    Appia Antica Resort

    : is a resort hotel with free breakfast, free parking and 292 five star reviews. It is family friendly, and offers an authentic Rome experience with a modern place to rewind at after you have finished your sight seeing. The owners and staff take their time to answer any questions that you may, giving you recommendations for places to visit and eat at. It’s your home away from home. The Appia Antica Resort is located at 368, 00178 Rome, Italy.


  • Deko Rome: is more of a boutique hotel that is located at 1,00187 Rome, Italy. It has 667 reviews, and has 628 rated at five stars. It is more of a couples type of hotel, but is central to a lot of the wonderful attractions that Rome has to offer. What makes this place special is that they will even make arrangements for tours, taxis and restaurants for you while you stay.


  • Portrait Roma: is located at Bocca di Leone, 23, 00187 Rome, Italy and has fantastic rooms that are luxurious. The hotel is situated right in the city center so there are a lot of shopping and dining opportunities right within walking distance. The hotel has 461 five star reviews out of 497 total reviews on Tripadvisor.

The Best Time to Travel to Rome, Italy:

If you’re looking to travel to Rome in the near future, the best times to go is during April-May, and September-October as it is cooler weather during this time and the crowds are more bearable. Early autumn is one of the best times to go because the days are warm, but the nights are cooler and tour groups aren’t as abundant. August is the worst time to go as the heat and the crowds makes it awful to get to place to place.

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