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Men’s Outback Canvas Jacket

$ 169.00

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Imported. Men’s sizes M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48), XXL (50-52).

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Machine wash.


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Inspired by the rugged work clothes worn by ranchers and opal miners in the Australian outback, this cotton canvas jacket will stand up to even the most adventurous travel. The double-weave cotton resists snags, and has a broken-in softness from day one. Six pockets allow plenty of room to securely carry all you need in town or on the trail. The elasticized waistband and wrists keep the cold out, and the soft poly lining wicks away moisture. Leather collar.

Imported. Men’s sizes M (38-40), L (42-44), XL (46-48), XXL (50-52).



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