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World Famous Propane Camping Stove with Grill – 10,000 BTU – Orange

$ 259.00

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– One high output 10,000 BTU stainless steel burner boils water and heats food in a flash

– 8,000 BTU BBQ burner is ideal for burgers, hot dogs and other barbeque items

– Piezo igniter makes it easy to spark up power, with a big spring-loaded button that ignites the

– Stainless drip pan makes clean up easy, whether you’re in the kitchen or the woods

– Disposable cylinders are easy to replace


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 Product Description

A steady diet of canned beans while camping is no longer necessary with a Propane Stove from World Famous. Ideal for family camping trips or picnics, this lightweight cooker will have you boiling water, grilling burgers, and more – even if rain keeps you from building master fires.



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