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ROCKBROS Bike Polarized Cycling Glasses

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Polarized lenses can block out the harmful rays and can really achieve the function of eye protection.

Pink or scarlet lenses can deepen the contrast and sharpness, very suitable for water sports and snow events.

Brown lenses can enhance the contrast of colors, best choice for driving.

Yellow or orange lenses can have a very clear vision, very suitable for wearing cloudy, but is not suitable for use under bright sunlight.

Gray or dark green lenses can retain most of the original natural color.

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ROCKBROS Bike Polarized Cycling Glasses

Product description provided by

  • TR90 SWITZERLAND: A Swiss technology, this thermoplastic is the material used in all of our sunglasses. Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.
  • Ultra Lightweight: As with any piece of high-performance equipment, weight is an important factor. TR90 is incredibly lightweight, which contributes to the comfort of our eyewear and the tendency to forget you’re wearing it.
  • Polycarbonate Lens Material: Polycarbonate is the extraordinarily durable thermoplastic that’s used in bullet proof glass, riot shields and astronaut helmets. It’s the ideal material for performance eyewear because of its high impact resistance, inherent UV protection and light weight. All of our lenses are made of polycarbonate.
  • UV Protection: All of our lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, and harmful blue light to 400nm. These harmful rays are a leading cause of cataracts, skin cancer and wrinkles around the eyes-all great reasons to block them out.

Condition: New in Original Packing Box
Color: as the picture shows
Frame Material: Acetate
Frame Color: as the photo show
Lenses Optical Attribute: 1pair Polarized + 4 pair high clear
Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
Eyewear Type: Sunglasses
Sport Type: Cycling Driving Fishing and other outdoor sports
Item Type: Eyewear
Gender: Unisex
Weight: 26g

Product Maintenance:

Don’t use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the lens, to avoid surface broken. And don’t maintain the sunglasses in such bad environment of high temperature or long time damp, to avoid deformation.

The lens of RockBros Sports Sunglasses is of high technology coating, so regular cleaning maintenance by water is suggested, to make sure good quality could be kept and life time extended.

Package Includes:
1* glasses case
1* glasses bag
1* glasses cloth
1* Glasses Frame
5*different depths of color lenses easily changed 1 Frame for myopia lens(just one lens are polarized.)
1* sports headband
1* Inner frame for shortsighted lenses
1* polarized lens test card
1*glasses rope


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