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Victorinox Sling Backpack with RFID Protection

$ 49.00

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Imported. 100% nylon.

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From the all-in-one specialists, this high-tech Victorinox sling backpack pairs technology safeguards with loads of dedicated pockets and zippered compartments. The modern pickpocket doesn’t need to snatch your wallet to ruin your trip. With so much data stored in the microchips in our passports and credit cards, savvy thieves can hack your information from a distance. But with built-in RFID protection, you can keep your personal data safe while you’re out adventuring.
A dedicated tricot-lined pocket provides scratch-resistant protection for your tablet or e-reader, and the padded across-the-body shoulder strap has a built-in pocket for a phone or other high-use device. Pull covers hold zippers closed for additional security, and the padded back panel means you’ll stay comfortable even when you’re out all day.



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