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summer camp for kids

Summer Camp For Kids

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Every summer we need to keep kids entertained and happy! So summer camp is the perfect thing for our kids, to keep em busy, happy and having new experiences.

Summer Camp For Kids!!

Summer Camp For Kids

Summer Camp Fun

Sending our boys to summer camp for the first time is exciting but scary for both the kids and the parents! It will be the first time they are away from us for any length of time and first not able to rely on ‘momma’ for comfort and snacks.

The summer camp that we chose for our boys is YMCA Camp Pinecrest.

What made this easy for us was actually reading the check list the camp provides to make sure we did not miss anything and also (almost as important) not to over pack. Who wants to be the kid with 3 suitcases that daddy packed making sure he has everything? Also the ‘camper information guide’ gave great tips on what to do and not to do in the case of homesickness. We trusted this guide as the camp has seen it all! Camp is a great place to grow your child and for them to experience things you cannot in a city or any day camps for that matter.

The staff was energetic and fun and the kids will no doubt look up to them for guidance and learning. We find kids react to other authority type figures a lot better better than ole dada and momma screaming away at them. We cannot wait to hear their stories and their new adventures when they come home.

We miss them too!!!!


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David W. ~ Toronto, Ontario
July 12, 2014

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