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Travel Adventures on a Girls Weekend Buffalo Shopping Trip!

This blog is going to take a bit of a different angle adding a little sentimentality as another birthday comes and goes. As I turn 42 I think about how much my travel adventures are such a huge part of my life and how it adds so much enjoyment as I take time out of my daily routine not just to take a holiday but have fun in the planning of it. We all need an injection of something exciting, a little time-out from routines to put life back in perspective and give us the needed recharge and revitalization to appreciate and enjoy our daily routines.

For me these ‘time-out’ or ‘recharge’ moments have taken root in travel adventures. Some calming, some adventurous, some girls weekends, some romantic, some family time, some solo – whatever the company, place or length, it gives me something to look forward to and leaves me with new memories and a fresh perspective. It is the ‘getting away’, the exploring and the adventure that brings life into me and filters back into my daily routine so I can manage the 6am ‘Mommy why are you not awake?’ or ‘I don’t want to eat my broccoli’…

My sister and I chilling after a long day of shopping!

My sister and I chilling after a long day of shopping!

So I have had so many wonderful travel adventures as you can read in some of the blogs I have written like ‘Disney World’ or ‘Niagara Falls’ but one of my most fun ‘recharge’ travel adventures was a girls weekend to Buffalo to shop. This shopping powerhouse team was composed of my sister, best friend from high school (and should be noted the loudest and wildest in junior high) and a friend who has grown up with us all, so knowingly accepted the adventure and exactly what she was getting herself into.

Many weeks of planning went into not just what was ‘the’ right route to take and what shopping destinations were allocated to what days and hours but of course what were the cleanest of the Buffalo outer state hotels. Psst – The best bridge to cross to Buffalo from Niagara Falls Canada is the one that you access right in downtown Niagara Falls, you have to manage the city traffic but there are no lines and a great view as you cross over to the USA. As for the hotel, the best part of this story is that we did all this research and chose to stay at the Hampton Inn right next to the Galleria Mall but did not make reservations….it turns out there was a football game going on that weekend so there was no rooms available!  The only place free was a sketchy inn about 20 minutes away that had shag carpeting and pipes in the room. It turned out to be a hilarious adventure but the moral of the story is be sure to book your room!

Fashion Outlets Mall Directory - Niagara Falls, USA.

Fashion Outlets Mall Directory – Niagara Falls, USA.

The shopping was a success and best to check out the map of the mall in advance so you can plan your attack! We shopped out hearts out at the big Walden Galleria Mall and the Fashion Outlet Mall. I think next time we will bring walkie talkies as we lost girlfriends as they got sucked deep into stores and almost left without one…

I strive to always look to the positive and travel adventures keep me sane and happy with something to always look forward to – it does not need to cost a lot but little adventures like camping or day trips can still make me smile and recharge to help juggle a career, motherhood and marriage.

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    1. Jennifer

      Thank you Aneesh. We love great comments. Working hard to give our visitors some great travel stuff, deals and tips.

  1. Kim Coughlin

    Love girls weekends. My bff Jen and I would hit the road for Niagara Falls, Montreal, or anywhere the car would take us. Great way to de-stress! Miss those weekends.

    1. Jennifer

      Yes girls weekends are definitely so much fun. You can’t have a girls weekend without shopping involved. Thanks for the post.

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