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Triple Food Destination! Part 2: Japan


We visited three cities in Japan.  Each of these cities were so large, it wouldn’t make much sense to shove it all into one section.  Therefore I’m going to divide them into three sections, starting with Kyoto, the first city we started with… so watch for my upcoming articles on the next 2 cities… they are coming soon!


Kyoto was once the capital city of Japan.  It houses some of Japan’s oldest temples, culture and food.  It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations, and if you only have a week or so in Japan, Kyoto is definitely a must-visit city.

Our first visit was the Kiyomizu dera temple and the streets leading up to it.

We had booked a group tea ceremony at Camelia Teahouse several months in advance.

For this first event, we rode the two bikes supplied to us with our AirBnb.  Kyoto is a very cycling friendly city.  You’ll find cyclists at every corner.  The rules are fairly similar to what we have here;  only one adult per bike, yield to other pedestrians, and avoid riding on the sidewalks unless you absolutely have to.

Unlike Canada however, parking bikes can only be done at specific designated areas some of which are paid areas.  It only costed us 200 yen each though, which is a great deal considering how expensive public transit could be in Japan.

Camelia teahouse is highly recommended.  Our session was thoroughly explained and we learned a great deal about the families and rules of tea in Japan.  Tea is a huge art, and schools devoted to the art of tea produces students who then go on to devote their entire lives to the art.   The room in which the session took place was peaceful, quiet, and nearly soundproof.  It was truly an incredible experience.

Kyoto Camelia teahouse

We never ended up going to the temple.  We were too busy looking at all the adorable shops up and leading to.  Unfortunately it turned out the temple was under construction, so we opted out of paying the entrance fee and continued to look around the area instead.  We purchased some nama yatsuhashi (a rice cake dessert filled with a delicious creamy centre that you’ll find everywhere in Kyoto), and purchased several other souvenirs.  Night time seemed to arrive way too quickly, and soon we found ourselves hungry for food.  We decided to take the JR train back to Kyoto Station to look for our next meal.  The decision?  Why not conveyor belt sushi since we’re in Japan!

nama yatsuhashi

Conveyor Belt Sushi - Kyoto, Japan

After a delicious meal, nothing beats having a slow adventurous walk back towards our air bnb through the beautiful night streets of Kyoto.

Kyoto Japan


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