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viva las vegas

Viva Las Vegas

Flying into Las Vegas, it is as if the city itself is a mirage; desert, desert, desert and then BAM, a city so lit up you wonder how you couldn’t see if from your departing airport. After checking into our hotel, the Monté Carlo, our first stop in the city that need sleeps was to see Big Elvis at Harrah’s. Unfortunate winter weather leaving Buffalo delayed our flight for a couple hours so we did not get to see the entire show, but we did catch his last 4 songs which were fantastic. You’d think the King himself had been alive this whole time (just hiding in the all you can eat buffets)! Even with his amazing set, I have to say the highlight of the show was the closing singing dance-off with the audience members, which my mother entered whole heartedly (though I’m sure the cheap beers served as liquid courage…). With her given maracas as props, she came a respectable second place and walked away with a DVD of the Big Elvis set! Little does she know they slipped us photographic evidence of her performance, which will make for fun reminiscing in the future…or possibly blackmail.

Las Vegas Strip During the Day

Las Vegas Strip During the Day


Included in our hotel package were tickets to Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. Not much for modesty in this show! Overall, an exciting, provocative and impressive performance, though if you are looking for something that’s family friendly, let’s just say Zumanity is probably a little too risqué for you. Just to give you an idea, there was quite the slippery performance in an oversized martini glass with minimally clothed acrobats. Again, lots of audience involvement and I can tell you, it would take a life sized martini glass full of liquid courage to get me on stage for this show!


Some of the best parts of being in Vegas were the free shows put on by the hotels on the strip, like the Bellagio’s fountain show – straight out of Ocean’s 11, and the Mirage’s volcano eruption. It’s definitely worth a walk down the strip at night just to check them out, though be prepared to be solicited for every type of escort service. I suppose it is called sin city for a reason.


The perk of having so many free show options was that it left more spending money to be used for gambling at the various casinos, though in my case it was just more or less just feeding money into a not-so-fortunate Wheel of Fortune machine. The casinos have your basics and similar slot options, but you get some specialties in each. We spend some time with the leather clad ladies at the Pussycat Doll tables and walked away with a small short lived profit, though it concerned us that one of the ladies was doing the math with her fingers. Word of advice: tables are cheaper early in the morning, meaning you can spread your hard earned pennies further and enjoy yourself some strong Irish coffees.


If you hit a jackpot on Wheel of Fortune, I will happily accept my pay check back. Viva Las Vegas!

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Cody Brifoglio ~  August, 2014 

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