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what to do on a cruise

What To Do On A Cruise

What to do on a cruise

Going on a cruise.

Cruise News looks to highlight some of the best cruise destinations, lines, deals, and entertainment for those looking to find information on cruises. In this week’s edition we’ll be highlighting some fun entertainment activities that you may want to check out the next time you book that holiday cruise.

As a traveller we all go on cruises either to get a nice vacation on the waters, experience some diverse culture, or to even see and read about the history and architecture of the destination ports that we select upon booking. But these are only a few reasons why people go on cruises, and for some it may just merely be for the entertainment venues on board or the thrilling activities that some cruise ships are delving into. As we all know, cruise ships tend to be extremely social venues, often promoting shows, concerts, massive surfing pools and more, but there are some activities that may be a bit of a surprise, especially if you are a first time cruise traveller.

So what is there to do on cruises now-a-days?

The first list of activities that we would like to highlight are things that are generally typical of bigger cruise lines, and is a great list of cruise tips for first timers because they will be more likely available to you as most first timers will look to book on a bigger more better known cruise line.

  1. You can rock it out with a rock star: typically cruise lines have live shows and performances from some of the bigger bands that are known worldwide. Now if you’re lucky and are really into the music scene you can even go on a cruise that has their own live music festival which is much bigger than a live band or two – of course which is still an amazing experience.

    Live Music on a cruise


  2. Learn a new language: Some cruise lines offer creative learning centers where you can check in and learn some of the new languages based on where your destination is taking you. This is really neat for people who want to get off the ship and explore the ports without having guided tours, or just want to experience a new culture and try their hand at the local language.

    Learn a New Language


  3. Ice Skating: While this might not be an activity for everyone, it is one that can be found on cruise ships. Cruise ships that have ice carving shows or are travelling to destinations that may be a bit colder in temperature, tend to have ice rinks on their docks – so check this out if you know how to skate!

    Ice Skating


  4. Artwork: Yes, you can buy it! Now I am talking less about souvenir gifts, and more about expensive artwork. Some cruise lines, like Princess Cruises, Disney and Carnival do offer artwork auctions where you can bid on artwork!

    You can buy artwork on a cruise


Whether this is your first cruise or second, there are some unusual activities that you can do on some cruise lines and below I list three that are a little wackier than what we usually see. These may include the following (are strictly pertaining to each cruise line):

  1. Bump, Bump: Bumper Cars! Yes, some of the newer cruise lines are extending their entertainment genre into activities such as bumper cars which are kid friendly and can be quite enjoyable.

    bumper cars on a cruise ship


  2. Sky Simulation: You can even go on a skydiving adventure while on ship.

    Skydive on a cruise

    (Photo: Royal Caribbean)

  3. Theatres: Since live shows and performances are a hit with most who go on cruises, you can also watch movies as well in 3/4D theatres.

    Go to a theater aboard a cruise ship


In addition to the above activities, some cruise ships also allow you to golf, go bowling, and rock climb. Some of the newer ships that are coming out in 2014 will be able to extend you out across the ocean, allow you to take a sea walk (all glass floor deck), go surfing, and even zip line!

Travel Seawalk Princess Cruises

(Photo: CNN Travel – Princess Cruises)

So if you want to know what you can do on a cruise ship, above are just some of the examples of activities that are available and a general cruise tip for first timers is to not shy away from those activities that may seem a little extreme as they will become grand highlights of your next cruise!

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