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You Can Travel Alone

All moms know and appreciate a solo trip to the grocery store, the library or, on really bad days, just sneaking in a solo trip to the bathroom. These types of trips are important, immediate life-savers. But let’s face it their benefits are short-lived.


When I traveled to Australia recently it occurred to me, after a few trepidatious days, how much I needed to be there, traveling alone. When is the last time you traveled farther than across town on your own? If you are struggling to think about where, when and why you’ve traveled alone it’s been too long!


I do not have a life that is any harder than any other mom. Yet, for years, I always had a reason to get home as quickly as possible when I had to travel for work. I never took the time to enjoying being alone in fact I often felt guilty for not being at home. For me, Australia was a wake-up call. After such a long flight, so much planning and the sheer exhaustion of jet lag, I was not in my usual panic to get home. No matter what was going on at home, I was not able to get there quickly. It was a terrifying reality and also an odd relief.

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